What is GX Salaries?

GX Salaries is a powerful salary processing and forecasting tool, which improves the quality of salary information available to managers.

Strengths of GX Salaries

Built Using Existing Systems
Interface with HR, payroll, and other corporate systems
Salary Forecast Year End Rollover
Project current & future costs to calculate needs/dispersals. Data is rolled over to the next fiscal year including: Assignment Costs, Entitlement Financial Coding, Cost Allocations and Employee Classification Update.
Powerful Reporting Tool
Select from pre-set subject areas to quickly and easily build relevant reports.
Salary Adjustments and Awards
Record employee ratings and determine salary increases / performance bonuses. The salary adjustment and bonus award will be recalculated based on the performance rating entered.
FTE Budget Update & Display
Update responsibility centre FTE budgets by month and view average annual FTE Budget, Utilization YTD and Forecast to Year End for selected RCs.
Pay for Performance Processing
Salary adjustment and award update functionality is designed to record employee ratings and to determine salary increases and performance bonuses.

Sample Functionality

Provides Real-time Collaboration in your Organization

GX Salaries is a Cross-Platform Solution - Web and Desktop

Fully Bilingual Application and Help

Features of GX Salaries

  • Cost allocations and adjustments
  • Linked IS JVs
  • Multi-year forecasts
  • Actual/Forecast reconciliation
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • FTE budgeting
  • Interfaces with Regional & Central Payroll systems
  • Fully integrated with GX Financials
  • Available stand-alone