Government of Canada

Being chosen by the Government of Canada as one of six management software providers, GX has been a software of preference for the last two decades and is now supporting eighteen federal departments within and beyond the GX Cluster Group.

GX LEAF is a universal performance management tool that suits small, medium and large public service departments, agencies and crown corporation. It allows you to construct frameworks, easily manage them online and create reports. GX LEAF is an ideal solution for your management accountability framework (MAF) implementation.

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GX financial, materials, grants & contributions and salary management software is suited for small to medium departments of the Government of Canada.

All GX software is fully bilingual and is complemented with maintenance, training and an online help center.

Federal and provincial units operating with 5 to 5000 employees (FTEs) are required to deliver the same high quality results as larger departments. While systems such as SAP and Oracle have well-developed functionality they prove to be bulky, unaffordable and difficult to manage for smaller departments. GX ensures high quality systems with required functionality that costs less and is easy to deploy.

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Consistency and standardization are very important for successful management and reporting. GX provides you with software that consists of fully compatible modules that can be combined or added on.

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Integration with computer systems and databases that your department has been using is crucial for new software installation. GX LEAF supports all kinds of systems you operate, making your installation smooth and easy.

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