AMA is pleased to introduce custom solutions that increase effectiveness and efficiency of public agencies and government departments. GX software systems were developed with Government eXcellence in mind help to support and improve accountability and efficiency in every area of public administration and financial management.

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Performance Management, also referred to as Results-Based Management (RBM), is a cornerstone of accountability – the major feature publicly funded organizations have to possess in order to sustain trust in their stakeholders. Such organizations as UNIFEM and Caribbean Development Bank sustain their efficiency and track progress with the help of GX LEAF performance management system.

Results-Based Management systems are recommended and referenced worlwide by organizations such as the OECD, multiple agencies at the United Nations, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and in development agencies throughout the world. Professionally developed RBM framework:

  • provides instant data queries that allow live monitoring
  • keeps track of all projects and alerts about potential risks helping to prevent them ahead of time
  • creates instant reports vital for timely and correct decision making
  • sustains organizational transparency

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Financial Management systems provided by GX have stood the Government of Canada test of reliability and security. AMA is proud to be a Financial Management Systems supplier of Canadian Federal Government, one of the World's most efficient public administration systems.

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Project & Portfolio Management solutions by GX will transform your enterprise into a convenient web-based system build to fit your requirements. Our clients call the systems we build for them e-programs, Grants & Contributions, Grants and Loans, GX Projects etc. We call our system solution GX Programmes.

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Materials Management is the critical component of supply chain sustainability, specifically in government administration.

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Salary Management is an indispensible part of government financial administration.

Enquire how GX Salaries will help you to manage your personnel salary allotments, budgets, forecasts and expenditures!

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