Image of a tablet using GX LEAF Mobile

Enterprise Performance Management App

GX LEAF Mobile facilitates remote data collection and easy capture of key indicator data from the field using Android mobile devices. Data collection screens are easy to create and customize to ensure you collect accurate KPI data. Once data from a mobile device is uploaded to a central database it can be used to update comprehensive executive dashboards and reports to provide an up to date picture for management decisions and further analysis. GX LEAF Mobile is flexible, scalable and can be easily integrated with other systems.

No Internet Connection Required

GX LEAF Mobile supports online and offline data collection for instances when data collection occurs in remote areas without internet access. Once an internet connection is established the data and any attached media files on the mobile device can be synched using GX LEAF Mobile.

Easily Customizable Mobile Forms

GX LEAF is a modular enterprise performance management system. Custom data collection forms for Android mobile devices can be created with the GX LEAF Designer module.

How it works:

  1. Construct your forms online using the GX LEAF Designer
  2. Install the GX LEAF Android App on any Android mobile device (version 2.2.x and up)
  3. Sign into your GX LEAF Mobile account and download the latest version of a mobile form
  4. Complete the form on your mobile device anywhere and without the need for an internet connection
  5. Upload the form data along with any attached media files to the central application server at a later time, once an internet connection is available