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GX Executive Dashboards is a visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs) that gives corporate officers a quick and easy way to view organization’s performance in real-time.

Dashboards display data generated by organization’s business systems via application programming interfaces (APIs). These systems may include project management, financial management, performance management, email, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), risk management and other corporate software.

The most appealing fact about dashboards is their ability to pull information from all systems into one place avoiding multiple logins. It is designed to present complex data in more accessible format.


Visibility: GX Executive Dashboards provide you with an overall picture of various aspects of the organization in a single, concise format. It gives great visibility and insight for all levels of management.

Real-time information: Dashboards allow tracking your KPIs, inputs, actions, outcomes and impact as they change.

Performance Management: Peter Drucker said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” GX Executive Dashboards allow you to measure corporate, programme or project performance and successfully manage it. In a dashboard you can automatically compare goals to actual, real-time results.

Flexibility: GX Executive Dashboards are flexible to adjust to your organization’s management needs. Its agile design allows customization according to user’s needs.

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GX Executive Dashboard displaying results framework measured outcomes. Data can be filtered by year.

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Dashboard displaying indicators by country with a world map and a top ten countries chart.

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A dashboard with a grey theme and KPIs sorted by country.

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A dashboard comparing data by quarter in two consecutive year.