GX LEAF provides the features and tools required for building an enterprise web-based system out of a planning, performance or evaluation framework. GX LEAF allows flexible, fast, and cost effective creation and maintenance of new web-based systems and can also be used to extend existing systems.

Dashboards & Interactive analytics

GX LEAF enables improved decision making, collaboration and operational execution, through built in data-driven charts and other infographic components.

Reports and dashboards can be generated based on data entered directly in the system or data imported from a variety of data sources, such as Excel worksheets or other enterprise databases.

LEAF Dash 1

Data collection

Web forms

Web forms facilitate data collection, display and communication. They are also extendable to trigger process workflows and data routing. Web forms can be based on templates, leveraging existing solutions.

LEAF Webform 1

Mobile forms

Mobile forms allow users to collect data remotely without the need for a persistent internet connection due to its offline data storage feature. Users have the option to attach pictures, videos and other files. Moreover, access is user and role based to ensure security and auditability. Features exist to provide proper routing of data collection forms subject to the needs of specific individuals or groups in a multi user environment.

LEAF Mobile 1


Other data sources

Data can be imported and exported to and from spreadsheets, delimited text files, web services or via links to other corporate systems.

LEAF data transfer

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible, fast, and cost effective
  • Dynamic information rendering through data-driven charts and other built-in infographic components.
  • Easy-to-use environment for transforming your policies, objectives and frameworks into operational reality
  • Offline data collection on mobile devices
  • Web forms can be configured to trigger process workflows and data routing
  • Real-time interaction with other systems
  • Import/Export data easily to multiple formats 


GX LEAF is unique, universal and constantly evolving. At the moment GX LEAF has several configurations in different areas:

  • Government
    Heath Canada’s Integrated Planning and Performance Reporting System (IPPRS) was developed using GX LEAF.  IPPRS allows Program branches and Regions to contribute program delivery priorities, performance targets and financial requirements which are then compiled into the Departmental Operational Plan and aligned with the Program Activity Architecture (PAA) and Health Canada’s Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).
  • International Development
    GX LEAF helped UN Women to develop a new performance management system. With GX LEAF, UN Women successfully works with budget allocations in over 50 countries that have diverse or limited technologies and mixed skill levels. GX LEAF helps to build solutions based on performance and demonstrated need, building the bridge between financial and performance data.
  • Academia
    As an education and research support tool GX LEAF provides an exploratory surface and presentation mechanism for complex analysis. Its diagramming feature helps identify the components to be analyzed and its ease of data collection and display allows control over the stages of experimentation, correction, and presentation of results. One application in this area involved the development of a book on the internal structures of ancient poetry. A second application is supporting the comparison of differing editions of the text. GX-LEAF support for Unicode and the use of the database made this complex project possible.

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