GX Financials is a full financial management system, certified for public sector use. Compliant with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and FIS, it includes all interfaces to central agency systems, extensive and flexible reporting, and complete integration with the other GX modules.


  • Allocation and Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement Processing
  • Payables
    • Travel Claims, G&C Claims, Foreign, Credit Memos Generated from Procurement
    • Modelled from prior Separate Ledger
    • Control for approvals
  • Payment Processing
    • Support for any currency
    • Payments by cheque, direct deposit, wire transfer
    • Release scheduling
  • Receivables
    • Scheduled billings
    • Late payment interest billing
  • Powerful and flexible management reports
  • Interfaces with multiple databases and systems
  • Salary Processing and Forecasting

GX Financials incorporates several stand-alone modules to cover the whole spectrum of financial controllership

GX Assets is a full Lifecycle Asset Management System. GX Assets supports tracking and reporting of the complete inventory of capital and non-capital assets as well as generation and reporting of all financial transactions related to capitalization of assets.


Assets 285x100

 GX Salaries is a powerful salary processing and forecasting tool that improves the quality of salary information for managers. GX Salaries provides insight and  dynamic management of your personnel salary allotments, budgets, forecasts and expenditures.


GX-Salaries 351x100

Procurement management is an essential link in the handling and monitoring of all procurement types. GX Procurement supports the entire procurement cycle and is  fully integrated with payment processing and assets tracking.


Procurement 458x100


  • Can stand alone or as the core of a fully integrated GX suite including: Procurement, Assets, Salaries' Management and Grants & Contributions (G&C)
  • Offers optional integration of web-based Executive Information System (EIS) drill-down using the operational version of GX LEAF