What is GX?

GX is a suite of management systems software products developed by AMA specialists with Government eXcellence in mind. GX LEAF, GX Financials, GX Salaries are the names of our most popular solutions now used by the Government of Canada as well as international development organizations worldwide.

GX Clients

Being chosen by the Government of Canada as one of six management software providers, GX has been a software of preference for the last two decades and is now supporting eighteen federal departments and agencies. GX LEAF has been successfully adopted on a global scale by UN Women and under review by the Caribbean Development Bank – organizations that assume multibillion dollar budgets and responsibilities in multinational environments.

Sphere of Use

GX is a dynamic software solution for the following areas of professional expertise:

  • Performance management
  • Results-based management (RBM)
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Accountability frameworks
  • Financial management
  • Grants and contributions (G&C)
  • Materials management
  • Salary management


When we develop a new GX module, we first think about how to make your management more effective and provide accurate data for your decision making. Each GX system is tailored for the specific requirements of our customers. As a result, they receive the functionality they exactly need.

GX software functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Performance measurement
  • Automated financial management
  • Creation of customized reports
  • Preselected reports production
  • Enhanced data security
  • Online data management
  • Processes visualization
  • Integration of spreadsheets, documents and diagrams into live framework
  • Management accountability framework construction
  • Multilingual interfaces
  • Automated project management

GX Products

Find out more about features, functionality and integration options of each GX application: