Jon Punnett: Chairman and CEO

Jon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anthony Macauley Associates (AMA), with over 40 years of public and private sector experience. Since the inception of AMA, Jon has been the primary Technical Director and Architect, responsible for the technical direction of both the firm and its products. Jon has been the leader in developing our position within the Canadian Federal Government in addition to overseeing all aspects of AMA operations. He has written numerous white papers and continues to be closely involved in numerous initiatives on behalf of clients. Jon is based in Victoria.

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Sailesh Patry: President, Chief Operating Officer

Sailesh is AMA's Chief Operating Officer and has extensive worldwide experience in over 90 countries within the private sector, NGO community, and governments. Sailesh has managed consulting projects in the areas of Marketing, Strategic Information Technology Planning, Results Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Performance Management. He has worked with United Nations agencies, International Financial institutions, and governments. Sailesh has operational responsibility for the Ottawa office and leads the international initiatives currently underway. Sailesh is based in Ottawa.

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Mike Decker: Chief Information Officer

Mike is AMA's Chief Information Officer and has been extensively involved in product support, training, marketing and development since joining the team in 1987. He is an expert in Oracle Database Administration and is the company's senior data and technology architect. Mike oversees all technical aspects of AMA's operations and provides architectural development structures to GX systems and high-level support to our clients on database related subjects. Mike is based in Victoria.

Bob MacDonald: Director of Research and Development

Bob MacDonald, AMA's Director of Research and Development, has over 40 years of consulting, systems design, and teaching experience. He has held various positions with IBM Canada, the Yourdon Corporation, and the B.C. Systems Corporation. He is the author of the book Intuition to Implementation (Prentice Hall, 1987). Bob has recently been the driving force behind the development and implementation of our Performance Management software – LEAF (Live Enterprise Accountability Framework). Bob is based in Victoria.

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Paula Stuart: Chief Financial Officer

Paula, AMA's Chief Financial Officer, has been working with the company of over 20 years. She manages HR, payroll and benefit packages, business and employment procedures, project management and all aspects of accounting. Paula is involved with the GX Shared Systems initiative and she is a liaison with GX clients and AMA staff in the Ottawa and Victoria offices on financial and administrative matters. Paula is based in Victoria.

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